October 31, 2020 Review of: The Velvet Devil Merlot

7.75/10 $16.95 The Velvet Devil Merlot (USA Washington State). Deep burnt ruby in colour. Smells as it tastes, although the nose👃has a super alcohol/spiciness about it. Dry and light-medium bodied. Flavours of blackberry, oak, black cherry, raspberry, vanilla and spice.

As true to Merlot style, this bottle has got good fruit flavour that I really enjoyed! Warming flavours of oak, chocolate and vanilla combined with blackberry and black cherry. It’s also tart and super dry at the finish with more tannins than I expected. By comparison to the last bottle reviewed, this one is bit more simple (but again, that is typical for merlot).

Overall, the Velvet Devil didn’t let me down and was decent enough👍. It’s one of those bottles that I’d pair with casual food as opposed to steak. The recommendation was for burgers🍔 and I would totally agree… that or pizza🍕 would be a good grab!

I should note that this bottle was also on sale for $14.95 😎.

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