Welcome fellow wine enthusiasts and those wine-curious!

My name is Jocelyn, and I am the face of Young Winehopper. My journey through the vines began in my early twenties upon finishing undergraduate studies and entering the 9-5 working world. Whether it was picking up a bottle of vino to enjoy after work, meeting up with friends, or dinner with family, wine was everywhere… and there was so much to know! Initially, as so many others experience, I began to feel overwhelmed. Medium bodied? Dry? Tannins? While it was tempting to blissfully stick to the familiar picks enjoyed by others around me, the desire I felt to explore and learn more about wine overruled. And so came the creation of my Young Winehopper Instagram page in 2014: a simple way for me to document the wines I have tried while keeping track of the ones I love, and, of equal importance, the ones I’d rather not repurchase (for now).

I also love the idea of making Young Winehopper a social activity: sharing my reviews with friends, but also getting their feedback and suggestions on what they enjoy. A community of unpretentious, honest, and fun wine enthusiasts sharing and learning together is what I strive to maintain.

It has been a fascinating journey thus far, realizing how my own tastes have changed and matured over the years. Time continues to pass, as time does, and while I may no longer be considered as so young by societal standards… “young” remains my frame of mind when approaching any glass! I continue to look to the future of my wine knowledge with only great excitement for what is to come.



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