February 18, 2019 Review of: Chateau Saint-Germain Bordeaux Superieur

7/10 $16.45 Chateau Saint-Germain Bordeaux Superieur (France). Deep ruby in colour. Ripe aroma. Extra dry and almost bitter tasting with plenty of tannins. I noticed flavours of plum and dark cherry 🍒, although I did not find these flavours to be very long lasting. I much more enjoyed this one alongside our pot roast meal! 🍽
*Aha Moment* After the first few sips I was seriously craving some cured meats and fatty food, which was such an oddly notable experience that I began to get curious why this was so…
Upon further research I learned that it is actually more ideal to enjoy Bordeaux with savory/fatty foods as they offset the tannins for a smoother experience. Makes total sense to me! And what a great experiential learning moment this was. 👍🍷

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