July 25, 2019 Review of: Lady Bug VQA Rosé

7.5/10 $16.95 Lady Bug Malivoire VQA Rosé (Ontario). It’s cranberry colour resembles more of a rougé than rosé, but that’s OK with me 😜. Strawberry 🍓, peach 🍑and citrus 🍊🍋on the nose. Medium bodied and extra dry with balanced acidity and refreshing (yet subtle) flavours of strawberries 🍓and cherry 🍒.
So I was somewhat surprised with how gentle the flavours in this bottle were, considering the vivid colour led me to believe that they would be on the bolder side🧐… but then again, perhaps colour is not an appropriate indicator🤪. Not to be confused as a negative slight however, as the dry and refreshing combo was exactly what I would look for in any rosé 👍. There also seemed to be a tiny bite at the end (similar to what you would get from cranberry juice) which added character nicely.
Overall, a decent Canadian 🇨🇦Rosé that I would enjoy again if someone were to bring it around. Consider pairing alongside some appetizers like goat cheese and prosciutto, or grilled eggplant and halloumi!

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