October 30, 2019 Review of: Diabolica Reincarnation VQA

8/10 $15.95 Diabolica Reincarnation Bourbon Oak-Aged VQA Red (Ontario). Deep ruby in colour. Very potent on the nose 👃with notes of oak, whiskey and berry. Medium Dry, medium bodied, and smooth with a sweet warm bourbon flavour that wraps around your tongue and ends off with toasty blackberry/vanilla flavour. Also hints of pepper, cherry🍒and smoke💨.


Overall this one is very smooth and easy to drink, and offers a unique syrupy mouth feel that you can definitely chew on. If you don’t enjoy bourbon oak-aged wines, then obviously this bottle will likely not be your jam.. but if you are open to wines aged in this way, this is a great one to try at a really decent price point for the quality that it is.


I will note that while I typically do not enjoy sweeter wines (Icewine aside), I really did appreciate this one and enjoyed multiple glasses. Now, I am not saying that I am in any rush to repurchase, but this bottle absolutely has something going for it. Great when paired with beef 🥩, hard ripened goat cheese🧀, or dark chocolate🍫(the dark chocolate was nice as it offset the sweetness).

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