March 3, 2020 Review of: Muga Reserva Rioja

8.5/10 $26.95 Muga Reserva Rioja (Spain). Garnet purple in colour. Leather and dark cherry on the nose. Extra dry and medium bodied/firm with medium-high acidity and medium tannins. Flavours of smoke, leather, tobacco, blackberry, cherry and a hint of vanilla, with a long finish.
From the first sip this bottle offered no shortage of winning flavours. It packed a handsome punch while still maintaining a gentlemen’s hand. For someone who typically leans toward Cabernet Sauvignon, this Rioja was a great stepping stone that offered something different, but not too far off the beaten path.
Although I’m not yet quite purchasing at this price point, I really enjoyed this vino and would definitely buy for a special dinner in the future.
(This was a re-gift from my brother, who isn’t into wine YET but receives the occasional bottle from work.. and I am typically the happy recipient. So, this round of re-gift roulette was a success! )


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