April 20, 2020 Review of: Columbia Crest H3 Merlot

7.5/10 $19.95 Columbia Crest H3 Merlot (Washington). Deep crimson in colour. Ripe cherry, strawberry and vanilla on the nose 👃. Dry and medium bodied. Flavours of leather, oak, vanilla and smoke with plenty of dark fruit.


I would first say that this wine needs to open up for at least 20 mins prior to drinking. It presents nice toasty vanilla and chocolate 🍫flavours, but it also has a bitterness that starts out hot and lingers.


As I sipped on this over time it really did grow on me, but there also seemed to be a lot going on that I wasn’t prepared for (considering it was a merlot). Perhaps I just wasn’t able to fully appreciate this bottle? But I am into exploring it!


I paired this merlot with a butter chicken dinner, although the tannins definitely had me craving a creamy cheese that would’ve been perfect. 🧀

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