May 2, 2020 Review of: Sandbanks Bay of Quinte Apple Wine

8/10 $19.95 Sandbanks Bay of Quinte Apple Wine (Ontario). Straw yellow in colour. Apple, citrus and floral on the nose 👃. Dry, light bodied and crisp with a slight sparkle.✨ Pleasant and balanced apple flavour.🍎🍏


I initially had read “Apple Wine” and thought: ok- apple juice. It’s going to a) taste like apples and b) will be sweet. But I couldn’t have been more wrong🙅🏻‍♀️…

Not only was this apple wine dry, but it had just the right amount of apple flavour with a little citrus zest 🍋and a slight floral aftertaste🌸. It really was the most ideal cross between apples and wine I could have asked for. 🙌


While I wouldn’t look to be consuming this apple wine in high volumes, a glass or two on a hot summer afternoon would be ideal. ☀️


A fun pairing idea would be to enjoy this apple wine alongside a ham (or tofu roast) on a warmer holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Easter .🍖


I bought this bottle last summer while on a bachy wine tour of Sandbanks. Now that I’m working my way through the wine cabinet, I’m reaching some different bottles and really hoping I made the right choice back then. 🙈 This one was a winner! 🎉 Good job me.

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