May 25, 2020 Review of: Francois Lurton Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux

8.5/10 $13.95 Francois Lurton Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux (France). Pale straw colour. Citrus and pineapple on the nose👃. Dry and crisp with light body and balanced acidity. The flavours overall seem to be both floral 🌸and peachy🍑 with a clean, short, tropical finish🏝. Other tasting notes include zesty lemon 🍋 lime, gooseberry and pineapple🍍.


(I know what you are thinking “Gooseberry? OK…” BUT I’ve actually had gooseberries a few times over the last couple of years and I can confidently agree on that note.😬)


Straight up, this bottle is a solid gem. Quietly tucked away amidst the white wine selection from France, you may be surprised to find that this bottle is everything you’d want (well, if you’re like me lol) in a summer sipper; it’s smooth, crisp and refreshing with beautiful flavour and definitely TOO easy to enjoy on a warm afternoon or evening. ☀️


First recommended to me by my mother, I have since purchased this bottle on numerous occasions and enjoyed both on its own and alongside various food items.


I most recently shared in a glass with a friend accompanied by some jalapeño cheddar chips. And on another occasion with appetizers (Portuguese St. John’s cheese on water cracker topped with olive tapenade). Other pairing ideas include grilled calamari, shrimp salad, grilled fish, or goat cheese appetizers.


Not to mention, for nearly $14 this bottle is a great deal 👍 #winnerwinner #summersipper

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