October 16, 2020 Review of: Frank Hellwig Shiraz Grenache

8.5/10 $17.95 Frank Helllwig Shiraz Grenache (Australia). Ruby in colour. Oak, vanilla, cedar, cassis cherry on the nose. Dry, full bodied and smooth with medium acidity. Warm flavours of plum, vanilla, cherry and smoke. Subtle oak taste. 

This one is thick and dark with plenty of juicy, rich, warm flavour. It reminds me of a bottle I’d enjoy in the winter. ☃️❄️. It smells oaky but does’t taste so. Also has some decent tears.

Call me generous but I was feeling a solid 8.5 on this one. Reminded me of a JLohr but with more acidity. Too generous? Perhaps! But it’s my page, so I’ll do what I want!🤣

My partner opened this bottle and shared his unenthusiastic thoughts before I had a chance to try it (I typically prefer not to hear the opinions of others before I’ve formed my own). So, I was expecting not to like this one but I actually became more and more impressed with it as I continued to sip… and I really ended up enjoying it! Also, so did my mother. 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

Try this and tell me… what do you think?🤔

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