October 26, 2020 Review of: Demuerte Red Blend

7.75/10 $19.95 Demuerte Red Blend (Spain). Blend of Mourvedre and Syrah. Herbaceous, cedar, stone and spice on the nose 👃. Extra dry and full bodied with high acidity and tannins. Flavours of cherry, vanilla, spice, smoke, and hint of oak.

From the first sniff I knew I was in for something unique! Although fruity at the initial sip, this blend quickly transformed into quite the journey of flavours; moving from rich dark cherry 🍒 and vanilla, to a plume of earthy smoke💨 that gently moved up the nose, and finally ended in a long smooth finish. 

Suitable for it’s name, there is complexity in the darkness of this wine💀. It’s definitely got an old and refined quality to it. Chalky tannins in the middle of your tongue and slightly bitter at the back.

Overall, this was a cool bottle and a unique experience from the usual blends I’ve tried. It also worked very well with the saucy pepper steak stir fry that we had!

Give it a try if you’re up for something new, and be sure to let it breathe before hand! 🧐

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