October 29, 2020 Review of: Castillo De Monseran Evil Eye Dark Red Blend

8/10 $13.90 Castillo De Monseran Mal De Ojo – Evil Eye Dark Red Blend (Spain). Deep burgundy in colour. Oak, cherry, vanilla, spice and smoke on the nose 👃. Extra Dry and medium-full bodied with balanced acidity. Notes👅 of jammy blackberry, dark cherry, raspberry, vanilla and spice.

If you’re looking for something spooky to try this #hallowine 🎃, this bottle is a great contender! Give it some time to open up and it will be a treat🍬. Not to mention the label has a cool eerie thing going for it…. I swear no matter how much you turn the bottle, the eye👁 will always be looking at you! 👀👀👀 #ialwaysfeellike#somebottleswatchingme

This blend has a nice mouth feel with good weight, and a real warmth to it. The acidity is well balanced so it’s pretty smooth and easy drinking on its own👍.

There’s lots of upfront dark fruit flavour in this bottle that just shouts blackberry and vanilla; it’s followed by some oak notes and a toasty smoke finish. The tannins definitely left my mouth dry and howling🐺 for some cheese🧀!

I’m giving this one an 8/10, which is a tad higher than the last review because: 1️⃣ I like the acidity in this one 2️⃣ it’s smooth and enjoyable on its own (which is how I like to enjoy most reds)…it flows easily 😏, and 3️⃣ is good value at just under $14.

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