March 9, 2015 – Review of: The Little Penguin Merlot

8/10 $10.95 The Little Penguin Merlot (Australia). Clear deep red in color. Cherry/leather fragrance. Just the right amount of dryness and body…I can see why it’s popular as it’s easy drinking and has a lively flavor. ‘Easy drinking’ for me, usually translates into wines that don’t mention having a moderate or long ‘finish’… I can’t say that I always appreciate the lingering flavors when trying to consume in a social setting. This ‘moderate finish’ Merlot however, I do enjoy! Definitely a red that is easy enough to keep in my glass all night but also keeps me interested! Would bring this to a party/ girls night/ picnic/ BBQ, and enjoy on it’s own or with casual foods. Recommended to me by my dear friend Danielle

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