November 17, 2017 – Review of: Mallee Rock Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

7.5/10 $14.95 Mallee Rock (Australia) Shiraz Cab Sauv. Dark ruby in colour. Dry and mildly acidic. Tastes somewhat tart of plum and pepper, with a leathery finish. I had a hard time rating this one as I couldn’t make up my mind… the character of the Shiraz is definitely something I’m not accustomed to, but actually seem to be enjoying tonight. So (while I selected this bottle as a result of peer pressure from the sweet older man at the sample counter) it’s a win. Or at the very least, a wine for thought. Would probably not gift this bottle, but would bring to a wine and cheese night for some variety. This would pair great with some parmigiano reggiano or other sharp cheese.

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