September 28, 2018 – Review of: Vicente Faria Animus Douro Red Blend

7.5/10 $11.95 Vicente Faria Animus Douro Red Blend (Portugal). Ruby in colour. Very prominent oak smell. At first sip: Very nice for Portugal! This blend is dry with a simple yet pleasant balance to it. Big upfront warm mouth feel, smooth and easy going. A little more plummy and leather tasting compared to what I have experienced from Portuguese wines in the past, but I am happy with that! For the price, this is very impressive and will definitely be recommending to my mother to try. The Portuguese wines I have typically tried seem to be super woody and barrel tasting (for lack of better words), but to be fair, I’ve barely scratched the surface exploring Portuguese wines. I was more impressed with what I had tried while on vacation in Portugual, compared to what is available here in Canada at the liquor store. So, after enjoying this one from the Douro region, I am very optimistic about finding more gems! Have any good Portugal recommendations? Comment your suggestions below 👍🍷 .

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