January 23, 2019 Review of: Burnt Ship Bay Pinot Grigio VQA

7.5/10 $15.95 Burnt Ship Bay Pinot Grigio VQA (Ontario). Clear pale straw colour. Delicate citrus pineapple smell. Dry and smooth, with medium acidity that is enjoyable. Light, crisp and refreshing🍃.
I was a little confused (flavour wise) with the first sip, but afterwards it became apparent that I was tasting mostly citrus flavours of lemon 🍋 lime and nectarine🍊. Definitely a little zesty and tart at the end (which I could personally give or take, but it does add character) and a buttery aftertaste.
Still, I had no problem consuming a few glasses of this (as you can tell😂). The price is reasonable, and the crisp combination of flavours had me reminiscing of summer nights lounging out on our friends’ deck. Sold!
Also, I love me a good story about (LOCAL?!) buried treasure💎⚱️❌📜, so Burnt Ship Bay⚓️ has checked off that box for me as well ✅ .

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