March 20, 2019 Review of: Blu Giovello Pinot Grigio

8.5/10 $13.25 Blu Giovello Pinot Grigio (Italy). Very pale straw colour and floral smelling. No bubbles or sparkle. Dry and light, with fruit flavours of apple and nectarine. Refreshingly crisp and soft to finish.
*New Fave Alert* This one was SO easy for me to love from the first sip – I’m a big fan, and now welcome it as part of my go-to rotation! It is easy going and casual, but there was also something elegant and enticing about it. It is versatile; I would feel comfortable bringing this to dinner with friends, or just plain old weeknight summer bbq-ing. It’s also refreshing enough to be served with appetizers (and really get the party going)!
I also knew a lovely women years ago who drank this, but I had yet to actually see it emerge in any of my friend circles until recently. Now having tried it myself, I realize that she definitely knew what was up! #wisewoman

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