March 27, 2019 Review of: Red Knot Cabernet Sauvignon

7.5/10 $19.00 Red Knot Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia). Dark red in colour. Smells of ripe cherries 🍒 . Definitely dry, maybe even extra dry, and medium/full bodied. Not entirely smooth and had a bit of bite to it. Flavours of deep cherry, oak and blackberry. A little peppery and slightly more acidic than I expect from a Cab Sauv, but overall wasn’t half bad and we enjoyed it alongside our meal.
I find that red wines from Australia always have something different to offer outside of my usual expectations, and this was consistent with that. .
Conclusion: Enjoyable enough that I would share in a glass if it was brought out, but I still have a ways to go from fully appreciating what this region (and bottle) have to offer. .

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