May 17, 2019 Review of: Inniskillin Sauvignon Blanc VQA

8/10 $14.95 Inniskillin Sauvignon Blanc VQA (Ontario). Smells floral. Tastes fruity! Dry and crisp with flavours of lime, peach, and apple 🍏. Plenty of citrus 🍋and nicely rounded.
I first enjoyed a small glass on it’s own (7.75), however I much preferred the second glass (8) which was accompanied by food (we just had appies 😋). I found the cheese/crackers/fare really smoothed out the acidity, which was definitely notable to start, although not overpowering enough to be a deterrent anyway.
If you are looking for a casual, dry, Canadian white wine that has good character and will accompany some nibblers as you chat the evening away, this would be a good fit. 👍
Also, some of the smaller boutiques in grocery stores sell this, so it is likely a little more accessible and convenient if you are en route to your evening destination!

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