September 3, 2019: Celebrating 100 Wine Reviews!

My last post marked my 100th WINE REVIEW! 🎉🥳🍷

To honour this milestone, I’m sharing a few details about what is typically involved in the wine review content I post🖊

A B O U T  M Y  R E V I E W S:

#1. I love trying new wines! With every bottle comes a new experience and there is nothing better than discovering a new bottle that you absolutely LOVE. However, I am also just as intrigued to find something that I DON’T like, because it challenges me to ask more questions (such as “why?”).

Now, I can also understand and appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. Plenty of people enjoy purchasing the same bottles that they have had on rotation for years and feel very disappointed if they venture out and are let down by something new. And that’s fine, too! I feel you.

While everyone definitely has their own preferences and I cannot possibly say with certainty that you will enjoy something that I DO, I am tickled that you may entertain the idea and try something new!

Whether I am out with a friend, hanging with family, at a dinner party, or just staying in, if wine is involved, I want to write about it.



#2.  I always strive to capture the best review that I can. It’s not always easy, especially in some situations where I am trying to be social. Often this means that I put the phone down, enjoy the moment, and purchase the bottle again later. Some reviews may naturally be short if I’m confident in the experience and rating that I’ve given. But I will never post something that I haven’t thoroughly tried. That’s just not fair to anyone, especially the wine!



#3.  Review first, read later. I always love looking, smelling, tasting, and making notes FIRST. Once I have crafted my review, I like to read what is listed on the bottle, website, and other reviews AFTER. I thoroughly enjoy seeing how my uninfluenced notes and opinion compare. I also think it’s a great way to learn!


#4. Honesty. I will never write something that isn’t honest and true to me. From critically acclaimed wines that I’m just not feeling, to notes of “grass” that I simply cannot (yet) taste… I always strive to keep it real 💯

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