November 8, 2019 Review of: Frogpond Farms Pinot Grigio VQA

7.5/10 $16.95 Frogpond Farms Certified Organic Pinot Grigio VQA (Ontario). Pale gold colour. Sweet pear on the nose. Dry and crisp with high acidity and a slight spritz. Flavours of honeysuckle, pear, and apple. I also felt there was a touch of minerality here.

I would definitely use the word ‘zesty’ when desciribing this one. Not only did it have a little more zest than I am used to, but it also had a very present apple-y aftertaste, which I did not mind !

Overall, very different from most of the Pinot Grigio that I’ve tried (primarily from Italy ), however totally understandable when considering the region and that it is Certified Organic with a sugar content of ZERO.

In light of the apple aftertaste, I would be interested in the outcome of pairing with a dish that would typically be accompanied by an applesauce- like perhaps a ham? Other pairing suggestions include duck or scallops.

NOTE: This specific Pinot Grigio is not available (to my knowledge) for purchase in ON liquor stores. I did however pick up a few various bottles from Frogpond Farm after sampling this past June, while on a #NOTL winery bike tour with my homies.

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