August 9, 2018 – Review of: Big Bill Cabernet Sauvignon

8.25/10 $12.95 Big Bill Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa). My mother picked up a bottle of this for dinner back in June, paying homage to our dearest friend/rather family member, Bill. And it did not disappoint. Purchased again this week, this cab is deep ruby in colour with playful scented notes of red berries. Medium bodied and dry, with low acidity. Tastes of oak and strawberries, ending off slightly tart. Not overly complex, but is an easy drinking red that is enjoyable and has something to offer especially considering the LOW price. Some solid value, it definitely can compare to $17 bottles, thus making it an ideal choice for not-so-guilty weekday wine 😬. Paired well with spicy charcuterie. Did give me some purple 💋

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