November 17, 2018 Review of: Black Cellar Whisky Oak Aged Shiraz Cabernet Blend

8/10 $13.95 Black Cellar Whisky Oak Aged Shiraz Cabernet Blend No 5 (Ontario 🇨🇦). Deep ruby in colour. I could definitely smell the oak and whisky, with an almost chocolate-like sweetness that was pretty interesting. This one sat in my glass for around 15 minutes, allowing it to open up… AND allowing me time to paint my nails 😬💅🏻🍷 #multitasking#junglered #thewomen
At first touch of the lips 💋was surprisingly sweet, followed by a velvety smooth mouth feeling that brought flavours of juicy cherry and strawberry. The ending was smoky and dry. You could definitely taste the whisky oak barrel aspect throughout.
Overall, I think this blend is pretty cool and done really well! I was teetering between a 7.5 and an 8, but I decided to land on the 8 because you can’t beat the price for what this wine is! Now that I’ve tried it however, I would probably opt to try other bottles before repurchasing. But if you are feeling up for something different and delicious, it is definitely still worth the purchase!
I will note that the aged-in-whisky-barrel trend is not for everyone, and there are some people (such as my boyfriend) who aren’t huge fans. I am always up for trying something new though, so special thanks to Michelle for the great recommendation! Keep em coming!

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