November 19, 2018 Review of: Wayne Gretzky Baco Noir VQA

8/10 $15.95 Wayne Gretzky Baco Noir VQA (Ontario). Dark purple blackberry colour. Medium bodied and dry (but not overly). No where near as oaky as a Cab Sauv, and pretty dark tasting with flavours of blueberry, cherry and blackberry. Despite the dark flavours it is still smooth and very drinkable, with low tannins and manageable acidity. Also to my Mothers’s surprise, sipping on this did NOT result in a headache! 💃 🏅💆
This wine made for the perfect pairing to our *unintentional* all-Canadian dinner 🇨🇦🍽: Moose Meat Stir Fry and Canadian Hockey Legend VQA wine! (…yes, I said moose 😳)

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